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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am told that I need a blog to reach the thousands of people who will read my books. I have now created the blog for you thousands. Oh and for all the agents and publishers who are fighting over me you will know be a little better now that you are aware of who I am. I am a beginner. Opps. I don't think I'm suppose to say that. This choice of Font sucks. I've got to get a blog that I can really work with.

Above you see my proudest moment as an "author" so far. I am at the SCBWI conference with my idol Holly Black. That is as close as I have come so far. sigh. By the way, I made a complete ass of myself.

But I continue writing every second of my spare time just like I am on a dead line.

The most devestating thing happened. I lost my flash drive with all of my lastest work on my manuscripts. This put my work back for quite a spell.

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