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Friday, April 30, 2010

Gather Children For a Story Long Overdue

I have a story to tell you of why I've been gone. A story of monsters and capture and what really went wrong.

I was captured by Monster Lazy and he carried me off to his cave. So I left my blog behind and I didn't come back to write. How sad is that?! Oh D-Dear-ry, Dear!

I have just escaped in time for tomorrow morning is my birthday and a new leaf must be turned. A new beginning must be started... a... well you get the picture... so on with the tale...

            I must tell you of the magic that is happening all around me.

Their is magic happening here! I have invited King Pete and all the princess from the far off Kingdom of Build & Fix to come to my castle and SURPRISE of all surprises they have a wonderful magic themselves. They are creating a new wonderful summer castle for me to sit in when I weave my stories. They are also going to put up the wall around my queendom.This tale spinner is happy indeed. 

BB&RT is about to take flight again. AND the second book, title withheld to protect the innocent, has an ending.. YEA!!! and it is getting ready to go out to the agents. Oh those lucky people! If they only knew so they could be excited because that is half the fun, is it not?   Oh well, they will just have to be surprised.  And just think the luckiest one who reads it first will actually get to choose me. WOW!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Spin your pen.
No, tap your Keys.
Magic flys,
Stories freeze,

Try once more
A magic plot!
Ah! now I see!
I think I'm hot!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The weekend battle

The weekend was very productive. I actually had the time to write. I was so happy! I got all the way through chapter 3 of Boogers and half way through the battle. I do want to have a second book ready to send out. I mean I have a few that I could send out I suppose but my heart is really into these 3 and I want all of them ready now to give to any agent that impresses me or ... and I guess more importantly I impress.  Every second I breath is spent thinking about, writing or walking through the motions of how would my heros do this or that? Life gets in the way so much. The blog gets in the way so much but I feel like this is important too. My written journal is important but the most important thing is my air - writing. A bit melodramatic? Maybe but sometimes it feels that way and since I've lost my FD I feel like I have lost so much time. That is it for now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sending out the mss

I am working at creating or recreating my manuscripts after loosing the flash drive with everything on it.. It is long, long hard work and is more tiring than the original writing.

Although the manuscripts are much better, I have to say. My descriptions are turning into experiences. This is a wonderful surprise. Who knows by the time I finish this rewrite maybe the agents that I dream of wanting my books will actually be wowed (is that a word?).

I've not sent my manuscripts to hundreds I'm afraid. I don't think I am doing what I'm suppose to do or what I've learned in the conventions. There are a few agents and a publisher that I really think are wonderful and I have put my hopes in them at least for a while.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am told that I need a blog to reach the thousands of people who will read my books. I have now created the blog for you thousands. Oh and for all the agents and publishers who are fighting over me you will know be a little better now that you are aware of who I am. I am a beginner. Opps. I don't think I'm suppose to say that. This choice of Font sucks. I've got to get a blog that I can really work with.

Above you see my proudest moment as an "author" so far. I am at the SCBWI conference with my idol Holly Black. That is as close as I have come so far. sigh. By the way, I made a complete ass of myself.

But I continue writing every second of my spare time just like I am on a dead line.

The most devestating thing happened. I lost my flash drive with all of my lastest work on my manuscripts. This put my work back for quite a spell.