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Friday, April 30, 2010

Gather Children For a Story Long Overdue

I have a story to tell you of why I've been gone. A story of monsters and capture and what really went wrong.

I was captured by Monster Lazy and he carried me off to his cave. So I left my blog behind and I didn't come back to write. How sad is that?! Oh D-Dear-ry, Dear!

I have just escaped in time for tomorrow morning is my birthday and a new leaf must be turned. A new beginning must be started... a... well you get the picture... so on with the tale...

            I must tell you of the magic that is happening all around me.

Their is magic happening here! I have invited King Pete and all the princess from the far off Kingdom of Build & Fix to come to my castle and SURPRISE of all surprises they have a wonderful magic themselves. They are creating a new wonderful summer castle for me to sit in when I weave my stories. They are also going to put up the wall around my queendom.This tale spinner is happy indeed. 

BB&RT is about to take flight again. AND the second book, title withheld to protect the innocent, has an ending.. YEA!!! and it is getting ready to go out to the agents. Oh those lucky people! If they only knew so they could be excited because that is half the fun, is it not?   Oh well, they will just have to be surprised.  And just think the luckiest one who reads it first will actually get to choose me. WOW!!!